Just looking into the wonderful life of a dear friend of mine. I love your home page image. It is exactly how I myself feel today, refreshed and full of love and honor today. I personally needed to see this information today. Thats it.

For a long time I was jealous that you got richardgreene.com before me, I'm at richardgreene.net and have had a decades long career as a musician. My second place passion has always been photography and I would like to start annotating my prints with my name, or some sort of unique personal identification. See the problem? What are your thoughts? By the way - great work, keep it up!

Hi Richard,
You took a picture of me and my two friends at Zum Schneider's on Dec 19. My friend and I appear with another girl in photo 6 in the slideshow (blonde standing on the right side and brunette standing on the left side) but I was hoping you could send the picture of me (brunette) and my friend (long blonde hair) with another woman who had short dark hair. We were sitting at the bar early in the day. Sorry to bother you about this but if you have time I would love to get that picture and give it as a gift to them for the holidays!

Hi Richard,
How wonderful to see the pictures from Sunday so quickly. They really capture the essence of the whole spectacle and spirit of Oktoberfest at Zum Schneider. I was hoping to see/get a full length picture, as I do think the dress is pretty. Did any of those turn out? Let me know. Best to you, and hope to see you around.

Compelling images indeed... I like very much your work.

Signing your guestbook here.

Hi Richard,

This is Kinga from Schneider's . Great pictures on the websites. Hope you can share with me the rest of them. OX

Hey Richard! Thanks for stopping by my post today. Nice meeting you! Your pics are awesome

Beautiful work here ! (nycandre on flickr)

Hi Richie!

I'm still in the San Francisco Bay Area and shooting! I even have the cutest little two year old son and a husband who I adore. I thought that I'd peek in on you and see what you've been working on! Your work is wonderful-- you are a true artist and it was a pleasure to assist you all of those many years ago. Your work inspires me!


hi Richie, so great to see you again! let's stay in touch! send me an email and let's get in touch thru facebook :)

wow. i never thought i'd actually find you on google, and i wasn't even sure that it was you, until i looked at your subway photos! i still have that escalator one somewhere. and the policemen with their brass buttons sparkling.
you can google me too. you might be surprised.

saw your flickr pix-- really great. I am up-- put on 11 photots-- phototherapykg. Take a look.

beautiful website. It took me a while to recognize my self!!! great
to see many friends!
lots of hugs


Last night, I bought the photograph you gave to Despina Stamos for the WSI Benefit Gala and silent auction and was wondering if you coud tell me what kind of print it is and what it's printed on.

thank you-


I love your home photo! beautiful!


I've only looked at the street and subway galleries so far, but I just had to write to tell you how terrific they look, (and also how wonderfully easy to negotiate). And I especially wanted to mention the upper right photo in the subway gallery: it's like a whole Hitchcock movie all in one frame. So ominous! Though I know it's just happenstance, everything, from that strong diagonal shadow to the body language of the two figures, it tingles with an anticipation of violence about to erupt. And there's the series with the guy about to fall over onto the woman with the bag, it's an incredibly terse little story.
I've always known you've got great eyes, but this site really makes it manifest the way it deserves to be.

I've got a lot of work to do right now, but I'll look at the rest as soon as I can.

xxxxxx mwah, moi, j

Checked back at your site and loved the Street Gallery.

Looks great. More!

hello Mr. richardgreene.com, love u...a lot!!! hugs